Mole Valley Silver Band

Code of Conduct

Band members are expected to attend rehearsals regularly and to send apologies in advance when circumstances prevent their attendance.

Engagement dates are announced well in advance by the band secretary. All members are required to play for all engagements, unless they have been specifically informed to the contrary. Players who know that they will not be able to support a particular engagement must notify the band secretary as soon as possible. Young people of statutory school-age must be chaperoned by a parent whilst performing at band engagements

Players are encouraged to borrow music for personal practice, but should ensure that all music is always available for rehearsals and band engagements.

Members should listen respectfully to instructions and notices given by the Musical Director or his representative.

Players should remain focused and attentive throughout rehearsals, both whilst playing and whilst not actually playing.

Verbal communication will be polite and respectful. Foul language, sarcasm, name- calling, bullying, racism or sexually suggestive comments are inappropriate and will not be tolerated.

Relationships between band members (especially those involving people who are under 18) will remain safe and appropriate. All members will conduct themselves in a way that ensures that interaction with others is a positive experience for all concerned. Adults and members under 18 will not exchange phone numbers or email addresses. Any necessary communication with young people will be channelled through their parents.

Unnecessary physical contact involving young people or other adults is to be avoided.

Adults will not spend time alone with young people away from others. A second adult will be present if tuition is given to a young person, or a group of young people, in the band room.

Band members should be aware of and avoid situations which may result in them being at risk either of being abused or of being accused of abuse.

Annual subscriptions at the appropriate rate should be paid promptly to the treasurer on request.